Today, Microblading represents one of the leading treatment in beauty industry. It is a manual semi-permanent makeup that requires hard work and patience and the same as any other skill in the world, it cannot be mastered in just two days. The purpose of two days live training is not to acquire the skill, but to learn how to practice until the skill is obtained.

PhiAcademy courses are based on CraftMaster system and they follow the hierarchy prescribed by CraftMaster rules. It offers you 6 months of support after basic training. Courses are offered worldwide and it’s open to people with any skill level or background. Our students are often current practitioners in the beauty industry, makeup artist, hair stylists, lash technicians. The other half of our students tend to be people who have been waiting for their opportunity to make a career change and get into Microblading world.

We believe that every student can acquire the necessary knowledge if the course material is divided into smaller units that are taught individually and studied step by step. In order to facilitate your learning process, PhiAcademy has allowed its students free access to the CraftMaster application, where all registered students will be provided with a system of following online lectures during the next 6 months through 12 different levels with all the necessary assistance provided by the Master.

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Registration in the ONLINE Phibrows Microblading Course includes:
* Online support through CraftMaster App for 6 months and access to all lessons
* The Phibrows Premium Kit.

To receive the actual Phibrows certificate, and to be putted on the world map of Artists on the official website it will be required that you demonstrate your work and achieve the Phibrows standard by completing all 11 levels in the CraftMaster Online / Mobile Application which breaks down the human brow into more simplified steps for faster learning and understanding.
While it’s called an online course, the Online Phibrows Microblading Certification Course is really more like a home study program which is self paced.
However, if you do purchase the Online Phibrows Microblading Course, I welcome you at any time afterwards to join our 2 days live Workshop and pay only price difference!

After completing the registration process, you can download and register to the following Applications (CraftMaster App & PhiApp) on one of your devices (smart phone, tablet, iPad…) and I will activate it for you giving you access to the lessons.

You will receive your Phibrows Kit by mail.
You will begin going through the various levels in the application.
With my supervision over the next 6 months, you develop your skills, master each level, and ultimately achieve the Phibrows standard.
So don’t give up on your dream of pursuing microblading if the Live Phibrows Course is out of reach right now. The Online Certification Course is a great alternative.

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